23 de abril de 2015

Ralph Sharon

Ralph Simon Sharon (1923 – 2015)
Pianist, composer, arranger and conductor

Fotografia de Ralph Sharon por Carmel Zucker

Guggenheim Fellowships

Neste ano de 2015, entre os 173 agraciados pela John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, encontram-se os jazzmen Darcy James Argue, Etienne Charles, Steve Lehman e George E. Lewis.

Que tenha sido em boa hora.

Um trio de Clean Feed's

Twine forest
Angelica Sanchez & Wadada Leo Smith

The destructive element
Harris Eisenstadt September Trio

Frog leg logic
Marty Ehrlich's Rites Quartet

15 de abril de 2015

Cavalos no PNTI

PNTI (Abril, 2015)

Sobre a Blue Note

Uncompromising Expression - Blue Note
Richard Havers

Audição obrigatória!

"Out to lunch!"
Eric Dolphy

"I'm on my way to Europe to live for a while. Why? Because I can get more work there playing my own music and because if you try to do something different in this country, people put you down for it."

Eric Dolphy